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Where is Sanibel Island

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So where is Sanibel Island and how do you go about finding this special location known for breathtaking beauty and seashells? The quest to determine where is Sanibel Island, leaves visitors surprised to learn it’s an actual island in Southwest Florida. It is a part of a string of barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico, about 25 south of downtown Fort Myers.
Sanibel Island and the surrounding region throughout Lee County, including Captiva Island is a popular destination especially during the winter months. Northerners flock to the area to soak up the daily sunshine, relax on the beach and chance the waves.

If you are planning an upcoming vacation get-a-way, put Sanibel Island on the top of the list. Royal Shell has the right vacation rental for your stay on the island.

Discovering Where Is Sanibel Island

In researching vacation destinations, take a moment to discover where is Sanibel Island and learn it offers plenty of activities for guests. The close proximity to other locations throughout the region is an added advantage as well.

Sanibel Island, with high rankings for the best beaches, is also known for its relaxing atmosphere, away from the state’s other tourist attractions. The Sanibel Causeway, with scenic views of the area, is the bridge between Florida’s mainland and the island. The drive over is sure to melt away the stress. However, others prefer to boat out to Sanibel, affording them an up-close view of the natural beauty of the island.


In discovering where is Sanibel Island, the many palm trees and pristine beaches serve as the backdrop for this family-friendly paradise. Once on the island the pace is laidback, especially since Sanibel has no traffic lights.

Decide if you want to be in the middle of the island lifestyle in the heart of Sanibel, or if a private beach house or an active condo community will suit your needs best.

Royal Shell properties include:

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What Are the Best Ways to Get to Sanibel Island from Fort Myers?

In order to visit the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Preserve, the Sanibel Lighthouse or any number of other points of interest, visitors must first know where is Sanibel Island and then make their way here. The veteran road trip enthusiasts will be interested in the overall journey to the “Seashell Capital of the World.” Boaters will also be quite at home navigating the turquoise waters off the coast of Southwest Florida heading to Sanibel.

The Sanibel Causeway between the island and Fort Myers affords easy access to other cities in the area including Naples and Marco Island. The Sanibel Causeway tops the list of best ways to get to Sanibel Island from Fort Myers.


Then to the north, the Blind Pass Bridge takes visitors from Sanibel to Captiva Island. The quaint, laidback island makes a good day trip or just a quick hour of so visit enjoying a delish mean or treat at the must-visit Bubble Room. It’s a short trip between Sanibel and Captiva so don’t be surprised to see visitors cross the bridge by foot or on a bicycle while enjoying the breathtaking natural surroundings.

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Royal Shell Knows Sanibel Island

Working closely with the professional team at Royal Shell, guests are able to pinpoint exactly where is Sanibel Island and highlight a desired vacation rental property. Once we confirm that the property is available, the only thing you need to do is let us know when you plan to arrive. We will take care of the rest.

Sanibel Island vacation rental properties include:


The selection of exclusive amenities varies depending on the property to include a pool, boat dock, sauna, beachfront access, golf course access, gated-community to name a few. Now that you are clear about where is Sanibel Island, take a moment to book your vacation property and come on over and experience island life.

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The best time to visit Sanibel Island will ultimately depend on what you’re looking for. If you want to visit during the peak season, this typically occurs between December and April. Even during the off-season though, Sanibel Island has plenty to offer, making it nearly impossible to choose a bad time to visit. 

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