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How to Get to Sanibel Island

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The journey of how to get to Sanibel Island has a couple of routes which leads visitors to discover the beautiful sandy beaches and warm sun of Southwest Florida. Whether the trip is an escape from the bitter cold of winter or a summer vacation ritual, take time to soak in all that the island has to offer.
So, how to get to Sanibel Island? While you can use the latest technology to map out the trek, here at Royal Shell we go beyond the surface to provide information to enhance your experience. Put on a pair of sunglasses, breathe in the fresh air and let the sun warm you up and get set for your trip to paradise.

The Causeway is How to Get to Sanibel Island

If traveling from another state, it may be best to fly into Fort Myers, Florida which is one way of how to get to Sanibel Island. The Southwest Florida International Airport, about a 45-minute drive from the island, is the closest commercial airport in the region. Upon landing, visitors are greeted by the beauty of the area in making their way south to Sanibel.

Pick a Royal Shell property as your destination on Sanibel Island:

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The Fort Myers & Sanibel region ranks high for natural attractions to enjoy in a family-friendly atmosphere. The Sanibel Causeway is a must for those traveling by car to the island from the Southwest Florida International Airport. The two-lane roadway taking visitors over the San Carlos Bay between Fort Myers and Sanibel is a 3-mile drive.

In making the drive across, visitors are awestruck by the picturesque views while crossing the bridge which includes the shimmering water teeming with wildlife.

Lee County reports that an average of 3 million vehicles use the Sanibel Causeway annually. There is a $6 toll to cross the bridge. The fee could be less depending on the vehicle such as a motorcycle while others may pay more based on the number of axles on the vehicle. 

If a road trip is more your style, head to Florida by either Interstate 10 from points north and west or take Interstate 95 from the northeast region, but hop over to Interstate 75 which is the most direct route from the north. Interstate 75 is the most direct route to reach Fort Myers to get out to Sanibel. Guests coming from Key West, Naples or driving over from Miami have a more direct route to get out to the island.

Driving is Optional

An automobile may be the obvious mode of transportation of how to get to Sanibel Island for some visitors, while for others getting there by boat is the only way to travel. There are a number of boat docks around the island to make it easy for guests to sail in for their stay.

Yes, there are some vacation rentals in the Royal Shell inventory that have boat dock access, or is located within close proximity to a local marina. Getting out on the water is a popular pastime in the region so there are lots of boats around. In addition, guests can take any number of boat excursions for fishing or just a fun sightseeing cruise.


Royal Shell Connects Visitors to Sanibel Island

Upon arriving in the area, Royal Shell has everything covered for visitors seeking a relaxing stay on Sanibel Island. Our professional team can identify which vacation rental property will suit your needs and put you close to all the natural attractions to explore.

Let us know when you plan to arrive and we will take care of the rest.

Sanibel Island vacation rental properties include:


Although the selection of exclusive amenities will vary depending on the property, the list may include a pool, boat dock, beachfront access, golf course access to name a few. Now that you know how to get to Sanibel Island, we are anticipating your arrival.

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